Those Giant Chubby Babies Look So Cute

It is common in the twin community to expect babies to weigh around 5 lbs or less. However, Alexis LaRue’s babies stood out as they were among the heaviest. At seven months old, her adorable twin girls already weighed a whopping 20 pounds each.

As TikTok gains popularity, мaƖtitudes of мoмs are joining the app to showcase their ren’s unique traits and appearance. Among them are Alexis LaRue and her 7-мonth-old identical twin daughters, Caмila and Elena, who have caught the attention of users on the social network. When Alexis posted a video of herself struggling to carry both her daughters in one arм, which garnered over 45 мillion ʋiews, she joked that everyone wants to know if she’s small or if her Ƅaƴs are just huge. Despite their young age, Alexis’ twins covered her entire torso in the video, leading people to question if it was clever editing or a joke.

At the age of 21, Alexis was overjoyed when she found out she was expecting twins with her 23-year-old fiancé, Leo Mejia. Alexis had her first ultrasound at 6 weeks, where they saw two small pockets on the screen. While in the twin community it is common to expect babies to weigh around 5 kg or less, Alexis bought clothes in advance for her twins, thinking they would be very small. However, when her identical twin daughters Camila and Elena were born in March, they weighed just 6lbs 7oz each. Although small at birth, they quickly tripled in size.

Camila and Elena consume 6 ounces of infant formula every few hours and have started experimenting with solid foods. According to Alexis, they appear to enjoy trying new foods and always stare at her when she eats. Despite Leo’s father being 5’11” tall, the fact that the twins have grown to 2’5″ in just over six months surprised the family. They grow very fast and can wear clothes ranging from 12 to 18 months at 7 months old. When the 116.4-pound mom carries both babies at the same time, it creates a comical sight. Mom Alexis has shared more adorable footage of her infants, and the internet can’t get enough of their sweet faces. While most comments are kind, some are not, with one commenter expressing disbelief at how their heads are already bigger than hers.

Some individuals have made comments about the babies’ potential future as athletes or their feeding habits. However, one supporter shared their admiration for the beautiful twins and advised the mother to ignore negative comments. In reality, the babies are above average in both weight and height. The mother also emphasized that every baby develops differently and that her babies are healthy, happy, and full of personality. It is important to be kind to all babies and their unique development journeys.

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