Three Kings Day Parade returns in person

He happening today the return of a New York Christmas tradition the Three Kings Day parade is in person this year for the first time since the pandemic CBS 2’s Christie caliche and live in East Harlem previewing for us this morning Christy good morning Chris and Mary That’s right, this year at least we’re not fighting. I guess too much rain looks like it’ll probably get better later on, but it’s not slowing down this parade regardless, um, she’s in her 46th year and yes, it’s her first year in person. since 2020 and we’re also starting to see the NYPD starting to restrict parking it’s starting here on 106th and park so what exactly is Three Kings Day?

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Let’s talk a bit about it being a Christian holiday that falls 12 days after Christmas. it’s actually celebrating, it’s called The Epiphany and it’s celebrating when the three wise men, therefore the three kings brought gifts to the baby Jesus when he was born, so I hope the rain doesn’t stop the camels from going out on the streets. The parade route really expected to see that and it’s celebrated in the

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Mexican and Latin American tradition with a big party and gifts for the kids and today’s celebration actually kicks off with an 8:30 breakfast where Governor Kathy Hokel and the Mayor Eric Adams will be speaking at El Museo De Barrio, which organizes the parade and that breakfast must include the most important part, the traditional king cake that is eaten today, it is a cinnamon and sugar cake with a little baby Jesus baked somewhere and whoever gets a piece of that is a crowned king. or queen for the day, but this person also has the task of organizing the next celebration, which is

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something that you know people want, you want to have the little baby Jesus, you want to be crowned king or queen, but you don’t want to organize that party, but it’s still another thing you know everyone has to look forward to so it’s always exciting and the parade actually ends at 115th and park we’re here in east harlem christie kalishi i on cbs 2 news it’s good to see the comeback celebrations chrissy many Thank you

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