Today!!! Ukrainian drones drop grenades over Russian Wagner troops sleeping in trenches near Bakhmut

Thank you a dozing russian soldier received a terrifying wake-up call when a ukrainian drone dropped a bomb past him dramatic footage claims to have captured troops coming out of a slumber in trench as missile exploding who had fallen asleep in trench clutching his rifle as his nap was spectacularly interrupted by the surprise foreign ambush, the clip shows the drone hovering directly over the resting

Panic!!! Ukrainian drone drops grenades above 75 Russian Wagner troops on  hiding trench near Bakhmut - YouTube

Russian before deploying what appears to be a homemade bomb falls just inches to the right of his makeshift Boudoir and explodes on impact sending plumes of black smoke rising Frightened Putin thug stumbles out of the trench as debris flies above him, although most shradmail seem not to have seen him abroad appears to have survived the shelling despite the proximity, although the explosion probably would have left him at least. partially deaf in the soldiers’ frantic Dash to safety, he was forced to abandon his weapon for the sake of the Drone’s speed.

Ukrainian Drones Drop grenades On Russian Soldiers Hiding In Bakhmut  Trenches front line - YouTube

The camp then records the aftermath of the explosion and provides a wider aerial view while assessing the damage. Thanks, the shocking video was shared on a Telegram channel with the Ukrainian name claiming to be a recording of the attack. Pilots of 128 gshb super hounds suggested that the title might indicate. that the Ukrainian 128th Mountain Assault Brigade was behind the bomb. Reddit users also shared their thoughts on the video with many puzzled as to how the troop managed to escape outside. Ukraine’s nuclear plant was taken off the power grid by Russian forces President Zielinski said a Chernobyl-style catastrophe was narrowly averted after shelling by Vladimir Putin’s men sparked fires that knocked out power to the plant Foreign damage to overhead power lines cause the last two reactors of the zaparesia nuclear power plant or znpp will be cut off heroic personnel activated quickly die sel generators and the reactor have now been reconnected to the ukrainian grid.

Ukrainian drone drops grenades on top Russian soldier brutally on front  line - YouTube
Ukrainian soldiers in Bakmut, eastern Ukraine, remain defiant despite continuous enemy airstrikes and close-range firefights. The foreign Putin is desperately seeking a symbolic victory in the eastern enclave after weeks of military setbacks. the once prosperous bhagmud whose pre-war population of 72,000 has now been reduced by 90 per cent has become a quagmire reminiscent of the battles of passchendale and the somme during world war one abroad these battles saw the Allied soldiers’ trenches flooded by rain and blood and the villages around them became mud cemeteries, but they also instilled in the men a sense of strength and camaraderie that is now echoed in the Ukrainian trenches. await the next artillery barrage miles of foreign land of once pristine Bushland has turned into a muddy Sahara Laden with torn up trees and hundreds of craters massive artillery strikes and aerial bombardments have turned the once fertile soil into an impassable swamp lo muddy enough to swallow a tank whole nothing but smashing trees and shelling the ground

Ukrainian drone drops grenades on top Russian soldier brutally on front  line - YouTube

stretches as far as the eye can see I don’t has been the center of heavy fighting in recent weeks as Russia tries to halt and quash successful counter-offensives from Ukraine in the region Ukrainian military sources believe that in a few days hundreds of soldiers have died trying to take root outside enemy positions Ukrainian soldiers face constant artillery and drone attacks while digging trenches thanks, the fighting has become so intense that the trenches have changed hands several times in the course of a week ana, he said, and some areas littered with rotting Russian corpses, analysts believe Putin is desperate for a victory after a series of battlefield defeats in the fall and is throwing everything he can at the

Ukrainian Drone dropping grenade to whole troops russia at push back in  front line - YouTube

foreign city last week footage from a Ukrainian spy drone showed a giant Russian tank graveyard in the Belgian highway region footage shared by showed hundreds of battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles and even air defense systems that had been decimated by foreign Ukraine, the depot is believed to be a facility for reconditioning and restoring broken combat vehicles Ukraine’s military claims Russian youth leadership has been strongly attracted to the newly mobilized personnel who you do not have the experience or skills to operate for extended periods in the foreign field ro

Ukrainian drone drops grenades on top Russian soldier brutally on front  line - YouTube

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