Tom Brady announces his retirement from NFL and shares emotional message with fans.

Tom Brady, who is destined for the Hall of Fame, has officially ended his legendary career in the NFL. Last year, there was a bit of confusion about his retirement, but this time, he has taken control of the situation and put an end to all speculations. There were rumors that he might return for one more season, but Brady put them to rest by sharing a heartfelt message on his social media accounts, confirming that he was retiring from football. On Wednesday morning, he posted a video announcement, letting his fans know that he was finally stepping away from the game.

Tom Brady tweets goodbye message to Patriots fans following retirement  statement snub -

Tom Brady Officially Announces Retirement in Heartfelt Instagram Post

Tom Brady was straightforward and unassuming in his announcement, as opposed to making it a prolonged or dramatic event. He recognized that the retirement process from last year was chaotic and he did not want to repeat the same scenario. In his words, he stated, “I’ll get straight to the point, I’m retiring. For good.” He wanted to communicate directly with his fans and be transparent about his decision, so he recorded a video message early in the morning to break the news. The rest of the announcement is as follows:

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Tom Brady’s retirement from the NFL is for real this time. Last year, he announced his retirement, but then a month later, he changed his mind and declared that he would be coming back for one more season. It was believed that he wanted to retire on his own terms, not be beaten to the punch by the reporter Adam Schefter, who had broken the news of his retirement before Brady himself could announce it. This caused a commotion in the media and overshadowed the event.

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Tom Brady announces NFL retirement 'for good' with brief video post on  social media | Flipboard

Mike Florio from PFT had mentioned in the days leading up to Brady’s change of heart that his retirement was only from the Buccaneers and not from the NFL. This was fueled by rumors that Brady wanted to join forces with Sean Payton and end his career with the Miami Dolphins. However, this did not come to pass, and although his final season with the Buccaneers did not go as expected, it appears that this time, his retirement from the NFL is final.

Tom Brady Officially Retires From NFL, Posts Heartfelt Message To Fans  (Video) - News Today February 1, 2023


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