Triplet Boys’ Matching Outfits Captivate the Internet, Thanks to Their Fashionable Mom

According to studies, the chance of having triplets was previously estimated to be 1 in 8,000. However, over the past two decades, this statistic seems to have changed.

The utilization of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and other assisted reproductive technologies has led to a significant rise in multiple births, with rates increasing by approximately 40% for triplets and nearly 50% for twins in recent years.

The creator of the Instagram account is a mother of four, including identical triplet boys who were conceived through IVF. Prior to the arrival of her triplets, named Rocco, Prince, and Otis, she had an older daughter named Violet, and gave birth at the age of 40. Her social media posts chronicle her pregnancy journey and experiences with having triplets, including her personal symptoms. The boys are often compared to three peas in a pod due to their striking resemblance to one another.

Due to my big and swollen feet, I used to wear my sneakers with loosely-tied laces, no matter what outfit I had on. However, my biggest discomfort during my pregnancy was the persistent thirst that wouldn’t go away, despite drinking countless glasses of water. Every time I tried to lay down, I had to use pillows to prop up my large belly since I was constantly uncomfortable.

Since the birth of her triplet sons, the 40-year-old mother has shared hundreds of photos of them on her social media account. From their birth up to their second birthday celebration last month, she has been capturing their moments together and separately, as well as with their older sister.

The triplet boys aɾe often outfitted in matching attiɾe, adding to theiɾ motheɾ’s endeaɾing social media ρosts about them. They often weaɾ identical bodysuits and name-bɾanded clothing that make them even cuter. The Instagɾam account now has oveɾ 74,000 followeɾs and continues to gɾow. Check out the gaƖƖery below for moɾe delightful images of these adorable tɾiρlets.

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