Trump’s tax returns released

To politics now and a House committee releasing six years of former President Trump’s federal tax returns thousands of pages of documents revealing he had bank accounts in foreign countries and paid relatively little in the years prior to and during his presidency tonight how the former president is responding here it is ABC’s

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Mary Alice parks after years of legal battles and questions about former President Trump’s personal finances at the house tonight Democrats finally go public with six years of their 2015-2020 tax returns throwing new light on the huge fluctuations in Trump’s income that often results in financial losses in the tens of millions in 2016 and 2017 paid just $750 in taxes well below what an average

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teacher would pay in his last year in office Trump did not paid no trump income tax unlike every other president since Nixon he refused to voluntarily release his returns claiming he was under audit, well i’m not really talking about the tax returns because as you know they are under dit audit but the committee found that was not true and the IRS, despite the mandatory rule that a president’s taxes must be reviewed, he was unable to audit Trump during his first two years in office, whatever faith we can have that Trump was fully and fairly audited, let alone expeditious manner.

Trump's tax returns released after long fight with Congress

as required by the IRS manual that’s out the window the committee also identified a number of red flags that they believe warrant an examination their sons trump responding today saying the documents show and cite how proudly successful I have been and how I have been able to use depreciation and various other tax deductions

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Mary Alice Parks is joining us now and Mary Alice I want to move on to another Washington headline tonight the January 6 committee released new transcripts and is learning more about interviews with key witnesses, yes, what was the committee?

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The e interview with Ginny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, told the committee that she regretted texting people in the Trump White House after the election and claimed that her husband did not know it was I was communicating with them. She said she hoped Trump would challenge the election and she talked about being there on January 6th at the mall for that rally,

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of course many critics have said that given her communication with people in the Trump White House, Judge Clarence Thomas should recused herself from the Trump-related cases when Mary Alice, in part, reported late from Washington, thank you, hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos, here, thank you for visiting the ABC News YouTube channel.

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