UNDISPUTED – Luka Doncic: 60 Pts, 21 Reb, 10 Ast in Mavs’ 126-121 win vs. Knicks

Luca doncic clinic if you missed it he scored the first triple double of 60 points and 20 rebounds last night the Mavs 126 121 overtime win against the New York Knicks it’s only the second time anyone has had a triple double 60 points, Shannon, that’s it. people talk on a scale of one to ten how awesome this is a thousand thousand no i don’t know if i had a thousand tongues i couldn’t say how awesome this was really enough a thousand tongues i couldn’t say it’s enough Skip Bayless because we never had seen something like this before. james harden had a 60 point triple double but you’re talking about a 6 foot 7 gold guard giving you 60 20 yeah and he did it efficiently and he did it without busting they needed every point he gave you in the piece 60 and he didn’t just give you 60.

Luka Doncic scores 60 as Mavericks beat Knicks 126-121 | Pro Sports | postregister.com

He had 10 assists and got others involved and with 20 rebounds man scored the uh level seven for Dallas. 11 points in overtime 21-30 from the ground scored a sick assist on Dallas 16 23 points scored in the quarter in overtime and they were down skip we were talking about if the lakers could have accomplished what they put in philly skip yes nine under 30 and coming back and made one missed free throw the second gets his own rebound never touched the ground and pushes pushes him in yes he jumps it was amazing look and we’ve seen what Luca did and we see Will had a 53 32-14 and a 51-29 -11 and Elgin had a 52-25 10. 60 20. that’s what’s so impressive and they needed it all because we’ve seen guys put up numbers huh if you remember Jordan when the 63 points I saw that he was a senior in high school huh but they lost devin booker had 70.

Luka Doncic scores 60 as Mavericks beat Knicks 126-121 | Pro Sports | postregister.com

they lost uh great kobe performance 81 but kobe had six rebounds and two assists yeah and they really ended up being a big jump this was a thousand huh luca and i tried to tell you that I wanted to get you on this train so that e you and me can finally wrap our arms around the same guy but you didn’t wanna listen to me but now the train has left the stations i can’t let you get on i can’t let you get on with baby no no no no well i’ll give you this we’ve tried once and for all that luca was the right choice over that little guy in atlanta am i right yeah little ice train nice tray young man he ain’t even close it’s a joke and the biggest gift it ain’t like , I mean, uh, uh, Trey’s an All-Star, he’s an All-Pro, I mean, excuse me the whole NBA, but he’s not that he’s not close to that partly because he’s like six feet tall, that’s maybe and I’ll give you six foot seven inches tall and give you he’s better than I thought he was, but I still have some big issues with Lucas’s game, which I’ll get to later in the show at this point. , we’re just dealing with last night and we’re dealing with Jen’s question, which was just an esc wing from one to ten, how impressive is that Shannon through me going to one.

Doncic has 60-21-10, rallies Mavs to wild OT win over Knicks – Boston 25 News
A thousand thousand languages ​​I couldn’t say how impressive and I’m going to an eight because I think we have to take into account the opposition last night that was a shame the opposition I don’t know if you but I have to get a new television I don’t know what television you were watching but Yours must have gold around it. I don’t know because you have gold glasses that you look at Luca with. Okay, let’s take a closer look at the opposition last night, okay? Yes, the best New York Knicks player is Jalen Brunson, who used to play for the Dallas Mavericks, where he was second best. very key player and component for the dallas mavericks vs.

Doncic has 60-21-10, rallies Mavs to wild OT win over Knicks | College Sports | postregister.com
Luca in that starting lineup ok knicks landing is a free agent and arguably he was the biggest signing of the offseason and they went above and beyond and there were all kinds of clients , I say there’s all kinds of fake bullshit under the table and here we go, but Jalen Brunson has started every game right through Sunday. I’m watching the entire Sixers vs. Knicks game and with five minutes left a little wuss shows up and goes to the bench and a little wuss and doesn’t come back and he’s a little wuss and they say he’s got a hip and I’m thinking good for this game on Tuesday tonight this is his only chance to go back to Dallas and say look what he missed and couldn’t go last night so Jalen Brunson is out for the game and I was surprised he couldn’t go so he must have SIDS an injury in the hip, I don’t know how bad it is, but it must be pretty serious, so what about the next ever Knicks?

Luka Doncic drops 60-point triple-double in Mavericks OT win over Knicks | FOX Sports
What happens one minute and 36 seconds into the game? let’s say three players and all of a sudden I’m saying ok where is Cam reddish I don’t know he’s in the doghouse I love camerash I loved him at Duke I still don’t understand what happened but he sided with Thibodeaux and Thibodeau even last night under duress I don’t He let me out of the doghouse and I’m saying g come on you can’t do this to your team and I always liked him I never loved Evan Fournier but he’s pretty good and he’s a smart player and he’s the kind of player that could take you home in a game like this stays in the kennel so what did Thibodeau do last night?

Luka Doncic hits insane shot off missed free throw to force OT vs Knicks - YouTube

He plays in an overtime game. He plays Five Guys an average of 45 minutes per game. Five Guys 45 minutes. It is the classic case. all game good and i’m saying thibodaux what are you doing? because he hardly plays Derrick Rose Jericho Sims and Isaiah hartenstein the heart and Stein excuse me they play 13 12 and 12 minutes The Other Guys averages 45. so in the starting lineup goes Emmanuel quickly, who had started two games this year, is six foot three inches tall and then he got down on the floor playing how many minutes 46 minutes last night was Miles McBride a second round pick out of West Virginia yeah a year ago so he’s in his sophomore year averaging 12 minutes per game , he played 46 minutes last night at six foot two inches tall, so he’s completely outmatched against Luca because when it comes to guards against guards, he’s playing two guards who are six threes and six twos and they don’t stand a chance against Lucas, they don’t they can bother him, nobody can bother him, okay, but the Lakers showed you how you bother him, you just take the ball out of his hands and they did a very good job for half of Christmas day, yeah. and they are up 11. and what happened you have to challenge the rest of him to beat you because his triples come and go well and against your team at Christmas they came they came en masse in the third quarter now only the third quarter because it was the one where you hit 51, which is the most points anyone has given up in a quarter this year and, as you said Monday, it may be the most points anyone has given up all year because they made nine of 13 3-pointers in the third alone. 4th just okay Okay, you dare, you dare, you dare, you took the ball from Luke, but he finished with 32, but that’s about half of what he got last night.

The final 60 seconds of regulation in Mavericks' HISTORIC 9-PT deficit comeback vs. New York Knicks - YouTube
Don’t do it if they are going to beat us by three. Why did you ever say that about Jordan? Why didn’t you say why you were thinking about Jordan? Don’t even mention Michael Jordan, he doesn’t belong. this conversation what you do right michael jordan he’s the greatest player of all time and he’s not even close he’s okay he’s not even close but what i don’t want to talk about i’m just showing you what happened here thibodaux he’s crazy he’s too proud he’s they too stubbornly stopped it so what did they make the shame of this game was the dallas mavericks at home lost each of the first three quarters lose the quarters by lets count the ways by two and then by six and then by two and 10 points go into the fourth quarter, how could you do with this? team what’s left of this team I can argue that four of the top five players aren’t even playing for the Knicks and I’m saying what are you guys doing how embarrassing that you’re playing bad basketball that you’re in what’s left of the Knicks so deep in the game because you leave early in the fourth quarter, what was it?
Maybe you have 10 minutes left. You are 12 down. You’re down 12 points with 10 minutes left in the game and to Luke’s credit he says no on my watch and here he is


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