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It may sound strange to classify an 80-year-old submachine gun as one of the best weapons in the army, but the fact that the M minus two mode is still firing after nearly a century and countless wars is a testament to the fact that it is a remarkable weapon. When it comes to lethal weapons, the US military has no shortage, some may be too expensive, some too complex, and others may be desired by politicians and defense contractors, but not by troops in the field.

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; however, the US military today can generate a staggering amount of firepower and deliver it in a variety of settings from small war counterinsurgency to big war mechanized combat with that in mind here are some of the us army best weapons r64 apache ironic is that us 1st ground force best weapon as aircraft but the conflicts the us military has fought recently and is likely to fight air power is the most decisive factor equipped with a 30 mm cannon, Hellfire missiles and sophisticated sensors, the Apache speed combined firepower and range that allows the army to attack enemies long before they get close to shooting army ground troops It is equally useful for hunting down insurgents or decimating enemy armored columns.

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The Apache has fought well in conflicts from Desert Storm to the current Afghan War. na may be more important. The Apache is air power controlled by the Army itself instead of having to rely on Air Force or Navy aircraft for close air support. An attack helicopter is not and will never be a substitute for infantry on the ground, but on the ground.

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the troops will appreciate the support and attack that the chopper can provide to the M1 Abrams whether the M1 Abrams is the best tank in the world depends on who you talk to and more importantly what country you are from but it is hands down one of the best in the world with a weight of 60 tons. the m1a2 has 120mm cannon depleted uranium armor up to three feet thick and a top speed of over 40 miles per hour decimated a rock soviet made armor in 1991 and quite possibly would do the same for the advanced tank

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China’s Type 99 Very few Abrams have been destroyed in combat The fact that the enemy destroyed or captured the Iraqi government’s M-1 says more about the quality of the cruiser than the M109A6 Paladin tank The Army’s hard-hitting self-propelled howitzers The US has taken a backseat in recent US small wars; however, they are still very powerful weapons.

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Paladin is the latest version of the venerable M109 self-propelled gun. It can fire a 155mm shell up to 20 miles using rocket assisted shells, it can also fire the GPS or laser guided Excalibur anti-tank missile. Russia or the Soviet Union seems to be the king of anti-tank missiles, although this probably reflects the pattern of arms sales, as well as how much of a threat Western-designed armor posed to Russia and its customers,

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so it’s easy to forget that the US army is also not far behind in Army tow tube launching anti tank missile game. Optically-tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile is still going strong after nearly 45 years of service It has destroyed mostly Russian tanks in Vietnam The Arab-Israeli wars Iran’s war in Iraq and now Syria The new 2B trailer comes in several versions, including a bunker-busting missile, as well as the Aero model that explodes on top of a tank to penetrate its thin, top-armored M 2.50 caliber machine gun.
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It may sound strange to classify an 80 year old submachine gun as one of the Army’s best weapons, but the fact that -2 modus is still firing after nearly a century and countless wars as testament to the fact that it is a remarkable weapon developed when Franklin Roosevelt had just become president and Hitler was seizing power in Germany, the m-2 has seen service all over the world as an anti-aircraft, anti-vehicle and anti-personnel machine gun that has power closer to a small cannon a recently improved version the m2a1 features quick-change barrel and night flash suppressor

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