US Testing Its New Mysterious Next-Gen Destroyer

Overseas, the US Navy has officially begun development of a new class of guided missile destroyer, the tentatively titled ddg X, which will replace the aging Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruisers and early missile destroyers. guided by the Arleigh Burke class. The ships will be the backbone of the Navy fleet through the mid-21st. Protecting aircraft carriers and high-end ships, while also providing its own offensive firepower, the Navy kicked off ddgx by establishing a new Program Office To oversee development, defense news reporting, the office will manage DDGX design, technical data package development, build tests, fleet introduction, and maintenance plans.

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With a view to ordering the first ship in 2028 if all remains on track, the first ship should enter Navy service around 2032. The Navy operates 22 Cold War-era Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers and 69 The Navy’s Lee Burke R-class destroyers produced the Ticonderogas between 1980 and 1991 and hoped to have replaced them by now, but a lack of funding over the past 20 years, when land wars dominated, has hampered the development of a replacement. Meanwhile, the Arleigh Burke class has basically been in continuous production since 1988, updated with new technology and a helicopter hangar. Warships of Valor The service built the Ticonderogas with SPY1A air defense radars, the Aegis combat system, and 122 missile silos to repel massive missile attacks directed at aircraft carriers and their battle groups.

US Navy Unveils Next-Gen Guided-Missile Destroyer Concept
The Arleigh Burke destroyers have a similar loadout but with new rspy 1D radars and 90 to 96 missile silos Burke destroyers can strike as Fleet Defenders if necessary and also hunt submarines and conduct strikes against ground targets with cruise missiles. groups while the new constellation-class guided-missile frigates and literal combat ships face l esser roles the new destroyer will emphasize a complete new shape an efficient integrated power system and greater endurance the power system will be essential to integrate the laser weapons which will likely continue in ddgx the new destroyer will probably have at least one or two short lasers Ranged weapons with adjustable power levels that can blind drones or shoot down incoming missiles.

us testing its new mysterious next gen destroyer

The ddgx is also likely to have a 5-inch multi-purpose gun and large silos capable of carrying the Navy’s new hypersonic missiles. The ships will need a standard size mk-41. silos for air defense missiles long-range anti-submarine rockets cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles the loss of the Ticonderoga class with its 122 silos means the next generation ship will likely have at least 100 silos and perhaps more will include Light Vessel to Torpedo Submarine Launching a hangar and flight deck with the capacity to accommodate one or two mh-60 Seahawk helicopters and facilities for launching and recovering smaller unmanned surface and underground ships, facilities could also support vehicles unmanned aircraft of the age of the Ticonderoga class that should be retired at this point meaning the Navy must keep the ddg X Program on time and on track, the ship could share many of the same features as the latest iteration of the Arleigh Burke class to reduce the risk

us testing its new mysterious next gen destroyer

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