“What Happens When a Mother Agrees to Take a Picture of Her Son with His Beloved Doll? The Result Will Melt Your Heart”

The photographer, based in Shelbyville, Indiana, skillfully applies her expertise as the proprietor of Ashley Mae Photography. Upon sharing the delightful outcomes on Facebook, the images swiftly garnered viral attention, showcasing that dolls can also serve as wonderful companions for young boys.

Ashley mentioned, “During my husband’s deployment in the military, I enjoy taking our children to Walmart to purchase something special that brings joy or comfort to their day.”

While we were exploring the “boys’ toys” section, Jynsen wandered over to the doll aisle. Expressing her desire for a doll, she enthusiastically selected three of her favorites and also chose a stroller and crib for her new beloved companion.

Although the origin of the name “Three” for the doll remains uncertain to Ashley, the bond between Jynsen and her is undeniably special. When Jynsen expressed her desire for a photo shoot, Ashley eagerly embraced the opportunity.

As a mother of three, Ashley shared, “I wrapped Three in a stretchy fabric and provided Jynsen with instructions during our session.”

Ashley further explained, “Jynsen is accustomed to being in front of my camera, and she possesses a natural talent for modeling. Hence, this photo shoot was quite typical for us; we simply incorporated their ‘bébé’ into the mix.”

Following the viral spread of the photo series, Ashley has encountered an abundance of both positive and negative feedback.

Addressing the matter, Ashley expressed, “While we have received an overwhelming amount of love and support from people worldwide, we have also faced negative comments and even messages criticizing his choice to play with a doll, particularly one of a different race. Nevertheless, I will always stand up for him.”

She continued, “I am instilling in him the value of embracing love without regard to race. I am guiding him to stand tall and resolute in the face of adversity.”

While Jynsen finds joy in riding her motocross and playing in the mud, her mother, Ashley, recognizes and embraces her softer side as a positive attribute.

Ashley expressed, “There is nothing wrong with Jynsen playing with a doll. It will contribute to his growth as a loving and caring individual, and if he chooses to, he may even become a father someday. However, I will respect his autonomy in making that decision.”

She further emphasized the significance of sharing her perspective, aiming to promote the acceptance of playing with a diverse range of toys. Ashley believes that toys should not be confined by gender stereotypes. Boys should have the freedom to play with dolls and kitchen sets, just as girls should be encouraged to play with trucks and engage in activities that may get them dirty. She expressed her disappointment in how society often clings to preconceived notions of what is considered “normal.” Ashley firmly believes that her child will grow up to be more compassionate and affectionate as a result of embracing dolls as playthings.

With Jynsen’s father’s return from deployment, Three, the doll, has received slightly less attention. Nonetheless, the cherished photos captured during that time will always serve as precious keepsakes. As she continues to browse through the series of captivating images, the significance of those moments resonates with Ashley.

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