Will the Chelsea vs. Manchester City rematch play out any differently?

Let’s launch it forward then Nathan because these two teams meet again on Sunday, this time at the Etihad and this time in FA Cup competition, how do you see this game going? finished the game today it could be the team they send to Manchester in a few days and from the city’s perspective it’s probably some players again like Carl Walker cancel and now we’re only playing the 45 minutes they want to play a little more I think it’s a really strange story in today’s game. Watching Chelsea Man City should feel like it’s a really big game, but sometimes inside it I don’t know if it was the crowd or just something about it.

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It didn’t really feel that way I think the position Chelsea were in makes you look at them with a different eye especially when you have the injuries they already had plus the two more in the game but for the FA Cup I’m sure . their fans will go up to Manchester they will support them very well and if the thing is possum maybe they can bring out some of those youngsters to get them excited in terms of making the fans you know really want to support them then great because you know with the guys they thought that Mecca chickwe played very well today.

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I also know one or two others who, um, you know will get the crowd out of their seats, so I think obviously I’ll have to lean towards Man City in terms of taking the win because they have players like Alvarez, who also have to come in and play, but for Chelsea, you know what you have to lose now. a free kick if you perform well maybe you will win but a good performance is what you need to win back the funds. I feel like because you know the situation they’re in, it sounds like it’s going to be difficult. few months for them unless something changes quickly.

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Here are his thoughts on this game on Sunday. I think I think they will both make changes, but I think Man City will see a more defined Man City, especially at home, moving the ball faster. Butler, we certainly saw it. in the first 20 minutes of the second half where as Nathan said they had Chelsea pretty much pinned down huh I don’t think while the other one was not at all happy with the sloppiness in the first half I think Harlan seemed a bit frustrated huh up front huh but yeah I expect more of the same Man City domination and you know Graham Potter has he’s a walking wound to him but he needs this is the nature of managing big clubs and with expectations um and he just looks at the expectation He has to lose, but I mean he can’t afford to be ashamed of what city can do to him.

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It didn’t happen today, but it can happen and I think he doesn’t need more confidence in his team right now, but yes, maybe. play some younger players and get so me energy on the side and give them some experience because, let’s be honest, the more experienced guys aren’t doing a maternity right now either. I’ll be honest. I’m looking forward to seeing how Potter approaches this because on one hand I’m thinking you can’t make many more changes because everyone is injured and Craig is right he doesn’t want to be embarrassed but at the same time you don’t want to lose any more players of your first team. either one and let them describe this as a free kick for Chelsea and I think that’s absolutely correct I think the only saving grace of the season for Chelsea and certainly Potter is a deep run in the FA Cup um because let’s be honest Chelsea at the end in the top four certainly I don’t see it so I think the FA Cup suddenly takes on extra meaning because of Chelsea’s position in the league um so I think he approaches this a lot more seriously than Pep Guardiola in terms of changes and who plays the problem.

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It is even possible when City make changes. City is still quite City and at home. um, I think even with those changes, it’s still getting better. that’s a bit, it’s a derby, it’s not the biggest derby in the world, but it’s a local derby and Marco’s serve did a wonderful job there and he’s going to have to find, he’s got to find some results, right? I mean the performance is great right? but at the moment you need to find some results to buy it a little bit of time to get people or B to get people back so it’s a I mean again we talked about Chelsea on the back of the World Cup World. it was important for him to get going.

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I haven’t done that now that we have January with some big games and he’s going to have to find a way to prolong some results because we’re not seeing and it’s been difficult. for him it comes from the back of the second he’s got off to a good start, then comes the World Cup, then all these injuries, we’re certainly not seeing a model of what Porter did in Brighton and how he made those changes, well, I don’t see this at Chelsea right now, so he needs to get some results. In the meantime, thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app for premium live streaming content, and let’s not forget ESPN FC seven days a week, subscribe to ESPN Plus as well. .

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