Winry was born with a beautiful birthmark.

Nicole Lucas Hall is the proud mother of two children, Asher and Winry. Winry was born with a rare congenital melanocytic nevus, a type of birthmark that covers a fourth of her face. When Nicole and her husband first saw Winry, they were initially confused and worried about her appearance, as they had never seen a birthmark like that before.

The couple was relieved when doctors reassured them that the birthmark was purely aesthetic and posed no greater health risks than other moles or nevi. Instead of feeling sad about Winry’s circumstances, Nicole has used social media to raise awareness and encourage others to embrace their differences. She feels that sharing Winry’s story is a good conversation starter for parents to talk to their children about differences and for other parents of children with birthmarks to see their child represented.

The health and happiness of Winry is the top priority for Nicole and her husband. They monitor her with sunscreen and take precautions with hats and other clothing to protect her skin. Regular dermatology appointments will likely be a regular part of their lives as Winry grows up. Nicole wants to emphasize that being “different” is a superpower, and she hopes to inspire others to embrace and celebrate their unique qualities.

Winfry was born with a birthmark on her face, which sets her apart from others. However, her family has been overwhelmingly supported by those who have learned about Winfry and the love and care she receives from her family. Winfry’s older brother, Asher, is a sweet and helpful sibling who sees nothing different about her and loves her unconditionally. Her parents, Nicole and her husband, do everything they can to protect and raise both Winfry and Asher with confidence in their strengths and features.

Winfry’s birthmark is unique and sets her apart, but it is her joyful personality that truly makes her special. According to Nicole, Winfry radiates happiness and is always laughing or giggling. She is already a big talker and has a playful, sassy attitude. The family has spoken to several people from Brazil with similar birthmarks, including one person who has a birthmark almost identical to Winfry’s. Talking to this person, who is almost the same age as Nicole, has been a fun and exciting experience for the family.

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