Woman Receives Overwhelming Response After Requesting 105 Birthday Cards for Her 105th Birthday

In Cherryville, North Carolina, Lorene Summey celebrated her first-ever birthday party at the age of 105. Even Governor Roy Cooper joined in to wish her well on her special day. The festivities included performances by line dancers and square dancers to entertain the birthday girl, while 12-year-old Lily brought her yellow Labrador named Nina for Summey to pet. She even had the opportunity to meet a miniature pony named Daniel Jackson, making the day all the more special.

In addition to the impressive celebration that Lorene Summey had for her 105th birthday, there was a heartwarming gesture made by Ronnie Parks, who stood in for her boyfriend Joseph and shared a dance with her. Summey’s goal was to receive 105 birthday cards, one for each year of her life, but the response from well-wishers exceeded her expectations. She received over 1,200 cards and the number is still increasing every day, according to her caregivers at Somerset Court in Cherryville. Her story has touched the hearts of people across the country, with cards arriving from all 50 states and even from overseas.

Last week, Lorene Summey from North Carolina celebrated her first ever birthday party at the age of 105. The party was filled with entertainment from line and square dancers, as well as a miniature pony and a yellow Labrador. When her boyfriend fell ill, his brother stepped in to dance with Summey. She had requested 105 birthday cards, but received over 1,200 cards, including greetings from all 50 states and even England. Summey’s celebration is a reminder to laugh, sing and live life to the fullest, no matter what age. It follows the recent news of Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest person, who celebrated her 119th birthday in a nursing home.

The birthday celebration of Lorene Summey, who turned 105 years old, was attended by local dignitaries, including Cherryville Mayor H.L. Beam and Gaston County Commissioner Allen Fraley. Being a local celebrity, Summey was hailed as the oldest person living in either Gaston or Lincoln counties, and the oldest member of First Baptist Church of Cherryville. She looked stunning in a pink Western dress adorned with a bright, flowery design and a jeweled tiara on her head. Accompanied by members of the Cherryville Police Department and town firefighters, she arrived at her party held in the rest home where she currently resides.

The party was attended by around 200 people, and Summey’s wish for a hoe down was fulfilled as staff decorated the main dining hall to look like a barn. The festive atmosphere was highlighted by line dancers and square dancers performing routines for the celebrant, who clapped along to the music of the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” The party was so much fun that Summey exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, it’s so unreal,” while the other residents smiled and enjoyed the celebration.

At 105 years old, Lorene Summey has become somewhat of a local celebrity in Cherryville, North Carolina. Her recent birthday party, which saw over 200 guests attend, was a testament to the impact she has had on the community. Even Cherryville Mayor H.L. Beam and Gaston County Commissioner Allen Fraley came to wish her well on her special day.

Summey is the oldest living person in either Gaston or Lincoln counties and the oldest member of First Baptist Church of Cherryville. Despite her age, Summey has a positive attitude and a wonderful spirit, according to her friend Ann Kozliner. She is grateful for every day she is alive and cherishes the time spent with her loved ones.

Summey worked at Carolina Freight, a former trucking company in town, for 39 years, putting herself through night school in the process. Her strong work ethic and dedication are just some of the qualities that have made her so beloved in the community.

For Summey’s only child, Roger, his mother has always been a loving and strong presence in his life. Even when he was misbehaving, Summey never stopped showing him love.

Dr. Guillermo Lesassier, Summey’s physician for the past several years, has cared for many patients around the same age as Summey, but he says none of them are in as good shape both physically and mentally. During her medical visits, Summey asks questions and carries on conversations easily, a sign of her sharp mind and blessed life.

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