Women During Childbirth And Their Joyful Times With Their Newborns

Leilani Rogers, a forty-year-old photographer from Texas, captures a different perspective of pregnancy through her photographs, highlighting the challenges women face as they prepare for the arrival of their precious babies. Her focus extends beyond traditional maternity portraits to include lactation and childbirth. Throughout her career, she has documented the journeys of over sixty mothers, providing a glimpse into their lives. Please explore some of her publicly available writings below. It is important to note that these images may be considered offensive or distressing to some individuals. Rogers has had the opportunity to capture births in various settings, including homes, medical facilities, and even water births.

In addition to photographing births in various locations, Leilani Rogers also documented women giving birth in different positions and poses.

Leilani Rogers captures childbirth in its raw and unfiltered form, presenting it exactly as it is without any embellishments.

However, love always lies at the core of her photographs, despite everything.

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