Younger brother asks sister with Down Syndrome to be Maid of Honor at his wedding

Brothers and sisters share a unique bond that is unbreakable and lasts a lifetime. This bond is even more special when one of the siblings has a disability, and the other is their caregiver and protector. Chris Garafola and his sister Brittany from Vermont have such a relationship that touches the hearts of everyone who knows them. Chris is two years younger than Brittany, who has Down Syndrome, and they grew up as best friends, supporting each other through thick and thin.

Their parents created an environment of love and acceptance that allowed the siblings to flourish and grow together. Chris has always been there for Brittany, reminding her how special she is and advocating for her in a society that often misunderstands people with disabilities. According to Chris, Brittany has taught him timeless lessons, challenged him, and made him the best brother he could possibly be.

As Chris grew older, he met Tatiana, the love of his life, who knew how important Brittany was to him. Tatiana started loving Brittany as if she was her own sister and postponed their wedding so that Brittany could attend it. When Brittany received her COVID-19 shot in February 2021, Chris and Tatiana started preparing for their big day. They wanted Brittany to have a special role on their wedding day, so Tatiana asked her to be her maid of honor in a touching FaceTime call. Brittany burst into tears of joy and happily accepted the offer.

On their wedding day in April 2021, Chris and Tatiana had a special gift for Brittany, a beautiful ring that symbolized their commitment to her. Chris said that Brittany would always be his best friend, even after he got married. The video of their wedding went viral, and people all over the world were touched by the love and dedication that Chris and Tatiana have for Brittany.


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The Garafola siblings’ story is a testament to the power of sibling bonds and the importance of inclusion and acceptance. Siblings of people with disabilities often have to take on a caregiver role and advocate for their siblings, but they also gain a deep understanding of the value of every person, regardless of their abilities. Chris and Brittany’s relationship shows that siblings can be each other’s best friends and support systems, and that the love between them can withstand anything.

Their story also highlights the need for society to be more inclusive and accepting of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are often stigmatized and marginalized, but they have so much to offer and contribute to the world. When we embrace diversity and inclusion, we create a world where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

In conclusion, Chris and Brittany’s story is a beautiful example of the power of sibling bonds and the importance of acceptance and inclusion. Their love for each other and their dedication to each other’s well-being is truly inspiring. We should all strive to be as loving and accepting as Chris and Tatiana, and to see the value and potential in every person, regardless of their abilities.

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